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The BluePrint is your personal map 

At BluePrint we want to understand your body and give you the direction and tools to get to your personal goals. 
 We believe Everyone is an athlete, whether its to look better naked, be a better parent, to help with anxiety, or to get lean. BluePrint and our community are ready to help you and keep you accountable.
Come as you are and join us on our journey to make the community a healthier and fitter place.

meet kayla 

At a young age, Kayla possessed the innate(natural) ability to make connections and draw people in. Today, she applies that skill to foster a community of health and wellness. This isn’t just a slogan or a catchphrase. Wellness is a way of life that has to filter through everything we say and do and Kayla endeavors to live that out in her life the same way she challenges her clients to do. In just under 10 years, Kayla has taught spin classes and personal trained at a local gym, been a certified CrossFit instructor for a local box, ran a home gym out of her garage,  and realized her dream of owning and running  Crossfit Graft all while raising and loving her first little loves, Kiaya and Everson. But, she isn’t stopping there.
The wellness journey continues with the same passion to influence others to live their best life but with different methods and philosophies. So, Blueprint Health & Wellness is born.

Meet the Team


Kerry Stull is married, lives in Ward, AR and is the mother of two grown children, both of whom attend the University of Arkansas. She has her Crossfit Level 1 certification and has extensive training in the mechanics of Turn (a custom mix of bike, cardio, and weights). When  Kerry decided it was time to make a change in her life and health she did it through working out consistently and really prioritizing her food plan. She now enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals as they make the necessary changes to be successful in their fitness journey.


“Be transparent. Be an example. Enforce the standards. Don’t be afraid to fail.”- the best advice I have ever received.

Growing up I played softball but was still the biggest girl on the team. At the age of 28 I decided I wanted to join the Arkansas National Guard but knew I needed to drop weight before that could happen.

Diet after diet I finally made it happen however, the weight only stayed off for a short while I ran every day to do my best to keep it off until I was introduced to Crossfit until 2012.

My love for ‘fitness’ grew to where I wanted to coach. In 2014 I made the leap and received my level 1 CrossFit certification and in 2018 finished my level 2 Crossfit certification. Meanwhile, I have run the 189th Air National Guard fitness program and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Truly the athletes that walk through the door of BluePrint keep me going on my own fitness journey. Seeing people get out of their comfort zone and push themselves to that next level gets me pumped and craving more.


My name is Jimmy Beck. I am 48 years old and have lived in Cabot for over 20 years. I grew up playing organized sports which continued when I joined the Air Force in 1990.  I have over 28 years in the Fire Service. The last 21 years being with the Little Rock Fire Department. I began doing Crossfit in 2013 to keep in shape and also to get out of the regular gym routine. I have since obtained my CF Level 1 Coaching Certification. I really enjoy helping other people reach their fitness goals and seeing them realize that they can actually do this and be part of a great community. I have been married for 10 years to my beautiful wife Courtney. We have a 9 year old son Easton who is active in youth sports in Cabot. When I am not in the gym or at work I like to play golf, hunt, and assist in coaching my son’s football team.
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Cabot, AR 72023



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