Hybrid AF 24/7 Member Access

24-hour gym access 

We know that while everyone loves coming to class, life often has other plans. 24 hour open gym will allow you the chance to make up missed workouts, get in extra workouts with friends, or even spend time working on gaps in mobility or skills that your coaches recommended.

We’ve partnered with Hybrid AF, a company that specializes in this service. In addition to this new 24-hour access at BluePrint, our members will also have access to any Hybrid AF affiliate nationwide! This means those of you who travel can stay on top of your training.

Access to the gym will be through the Hybrid app that connects digitally to the door system. Anybody who has the membership upgrade will have an account and be able to digitally access the door at their convenience.

All of our members will be eligible for this service upgrade for only $20.00 per month.

100 Gateway Drive
Cabot, AR 72023



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