Blueprint Fit (BPFIT)

Blueprint Fit (BPFIT) is an exercise modality that emphasizes functional, multi-joint movements that can be modified to any fitness level and elicit greater muscle recruitment than more traditional exercise.


A demanding hour of dynamic cycling strategically combined with strength training–custom designed to challenge your endurance, strength and will.

Personal training

Our coaches can provide great one-on-one training to help you set goals, improve your knowledge of healthy living, and to ultimately get you where you want to be.

  • $65 a month for 3 days a week with a 6 month contract
  • $95 a month for unlimited classes with a 6 month contract
  • 1 year contract gets 10% discount
  • 1 year paid in full gets 15% discount or 12 personal training sessions *use 1 month for their 1 year contract
  • 130.00 for month to month no contract

24 hour access only – $50/month with $150 sign up fee (includes 6 sessions with A
trainer/coach to review safety, form evaluations, and gym education)
§ 24 hour Access Member add on – $20/month

  • 5am Turn
  • 5am BPFIT
  • 8:30am TURN
  • 9:30am BPFIT
  • 12:00pm BPFIT
  • 4:30pm BPFIT
  • 4:30pm TURN (Only on Tuesday and Thursdays)
  • 5:30pm BPFIT


“I used to be a personal trainer alongside Kayla. She is outstanding! Her now having her own facility will drastically enhance the differences she’ll make in the lives of anyone who comes her way.”

- Brian Stiles

Kayla is by far the greatest coach I’ve experienced in the Crossfit world. She is great at motivating you to push yourself and celebrates every victory with you.

- Creighton Cope

Awesome place, great coaches, a perfect blend of strength training and cardio. Clean and up to date facility. Kayla is pretty cool and knows what she’s doing. Other members cheer you on to complete your workout. Highly recommended.

- Heidi Dickinson

100 Gateway Drive
Cabot, AR 72023



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