Why Do I Hate Working Out?

You are not alone! Many people aren’t comfortable with even the thought of heading to the gym.

At Blueprint, we customize your workout so that it fits your fitness goals and matches where you are at right now. We want you to be fully equipped with the knowledge and know-how it takes to win at fitness. If you can’t stand the gym, don’t give up on fitness. Come see us!

Here are a few reasons why you might dead your workout.

You are making your workout about weight loss.

There isn’t much hard scientific evidence to prove this, but it is nearly impossible to reach your fitness goals if your goal is strictly weight loss. Incorporate exercise into your life because it’s the healthy thing to do. It’ll improve your life in many ways that don’t involve a scale or waist measurement.

Exercise increases your attention span. You’ll find yourself being able to focus better at work and at home with your family. Thought will come together easier. Naturally, this will relieve so much stress. That’s just a few of the mental benefits of working out.

Working out is good for your heart, it will help you sleep better, improve your mood, and more.

You are overdoing it.

If you over-commit at the beginning, you’ll end up intimidating your subconscious into a fight-or-flight reaction. The whole idea of getting fit will be overwhelming. The feeling of being overwhelmed will make it seem like you just don’t have enough time in the day, or that you have no motivation to get to the gym.

The best way to begin working out is with small, easy sessions. We’re talkin’ like 5-minutes-of-walking easy. Start where you are most comfortable. Give yourself time. Move up from there when you feel ready.

Your workout isn’t fun.

No wonder you are having a hard time getting to the gym! Your workout routine should be enjoyable. When you reach your goals, you’ll have had such a pleasant experience, the thought of creating a new goal to keep going is easy to accept.

There are so many fun workouts to try! Working with a personal trainer, you can find the workouts that work for you. You can also dive into activities you enjoy, like biking, dancing, swimming, or basketball.

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